Welcome to Hemsö fortress

Our opening hours for the guided tours inside the fortress are 1100-1600.    We start a tour every half hour, with the first one starting at 1100 and the last tour starting at 1600. The price for the tour is 120kr for adults, 60kr for youths 11-16 yrs, and 10-0 yrs its free.The tour last for approximately 1 hour and twenty minutes, starting with 20 minutes on the surface (depending on the weather), where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view, and listen to the guide describe the how, when, why of Hemsö Fästning, we will also view one of the three turrets both inside and outside. The tour continues with a tour inside the fortress, lasting for the remaining time, one hour, give and take a few minutes depending on the amount of questions you may have. The temperature inside is 17c and humidity is dry. The tour is pram/stroller and wheelchair prepared with great access, and we have strollers and wheelchair for you to use if needed. The distance for you to walk inside is approximately 1 kilometer, with plenty of moments to rest your legs if needed. 2018 was 32% of our visitor under the age of 12 years, most of the items inside the fortress are there for you and your children to experience hands on, naturally with respect, but to get the feeling we use authentic doublets as props.

Outside we have a exhibition giving you the story of the soldiers defending the fortress from the enemy, showing tents, canons, bikes, jeeps, field kitchen and more.

Our restaurant is located near the exit of the mountain with a spectacular view of the ocean and coastline. The restaurant is open everyday from 11am to 18pm.

We offer a buffet all day, bread and butter, sallad buffet, both fresh and marinated  vegetables, roast potatoes, marinated grilled chicken fillet and marinated grilled pork, homemade smokey BBQ sauce and chili hollandaise Coffey is included 120kr (11,30 Euro) for adults and for the children the price is 10kr per year (example 3 yrs = 30kr)       On our blackboard you will find a wide selection of food to choose from. Kids menu includes pancakes, burgers, lasagna etc. There is a vegetarian alternative to the buffet to choose. Please inform the staff of any allergy. The buffet is gluten and lactose free, but there might be traces of milk protein.